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How to Apply

Does your nonprofit organization serve low-income families? Are you interested in receiving diapers from PDX Diaper Bank to distribute to clients? We are currently accepting agency applications to join our network. Please note that we currently have a waitlist to receive services. To join our agency waitlist, please complete and return the application below to:

PDX Diaper Bank

P.O. Box 22613, Portland OR 97269

Teen Parent Services- PPS

Teen Parent Services provides support to pregnant and parent students in achieving their highest potential, personally and academically, while preparing them to contribute to society as citizens of a racially diverse, multicultural and international community.

Northwest Housing Alternatives

NW Housing Alternatives builds new homes and opportunities for seniors, families, and people with special needs across Oregon. They are currently the largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing in the state of Oregon.

Current Partner Agencies

JOIN: Connecting the Street to a Home

JOIN supports the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition out of homelessness into permanent housing.

JOIN does accept walk-in requests for diapering supplies; Please call in advance for size ailability: (503) 232-2031

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Clackamas Service Center

Clackamas Service Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless and low income individuals and families live a healthy lifestyle. They provide critical services designed to promote self-sufficiency. CSC does accept walk-in requests for diapering supplies; please call in advance for size availability: (503) 771- 7914

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It is the sole mission of PDX Diaper Bank to provide diapering supplies to families in need. We are not affiliated with the mission of any of our partner organizations; We focus on providing services to qualified agencies that serve families living at or below poverty level.

Diaper Bank

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Pregnancy Resource Center (Clackamas)

Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides services and education to individuals and families regarding pregnancy and other related issues. PRC does accept walk-in requests for diapering supplies; please call in advance for size availability: (503) 659-3336

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Catholic Charities (Pregnancy Support and Adoption)

Catholic Charities offers counseling, information on parenting and adoption, and practical assistance with housing and medical care.

Volunteers of America (Family Relief Nursery)

Family Relief Nursery is an intervention/prevention program for families with children six weeks to five years old. They work to strengthen fragile families at serious risk of abusing or neglecting their children or of permanently losing custody of their children. The Nursery offers a holistic, positive intervention with both children and parents. All services are provided at no charge to families.

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Emmanual Community Services (Emmanual Housing Center)

Emmanual Housing Center provides transitional housing for mothers reuniting with their children through DHS.

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Rose Haven

Rose Haven is a day shelter for woman and children experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home and other disruptive life challenges. Rose Haven does accept walk-in requests for diapering supplies; please call in advance for size availability: (503) 248-6364

Sorry, we are not accepting new

agency applications at this time.


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